Our Agents are one of a kind! The agents listed below are ready to help you with all your real estate needs today!

  • Aide Ramos: Has been a real estate agent since 2019, and has assisted many buyers and sellers in several transactions since then. Working as a realtor has allowed her to learn that dedication, communication, determination, trust, and adapting to all of her client’s real estate needs is how a business is built. She has a 20+ yrs background in nursing and has transitioned into real estate. Her experience as a nurse instilled strong strengths as an agent that include non-adversarial negotiating skills, a caring and compassionate nature, and her knowledge of the local real estate market. Her enthusiasm for helping others helps her connect with clients and provide them with the best service possible.
  • Josh Mata: Our market expert. He has worked as a Real Estate acquisitions manager for about seven years and has been able to acquire and transact multiple deals on the investing side of the industry. He is also a realtor in the state of Texas that works hand-in-hand in any competitive market whether it be investing, buying, and selling. He also has a system-based property management portfolio that works and manages a dozen of Airbnb and rental property.
  • Mary Ruiz: Has been in the Real Estate business since 1992 working with real estate attorneys and now working at a title company for over 11 years. She believes helping others is one of life’s most rewarding gifts and her Real Estate career allows her to meet amazing new people every day who are in need of an honest and knowledgeable agent like herself, who is able to guide them to the best possible outcome when selling/buying something as important as their home!
  • Jeremie Castaneda: Is an experienced and dedicated agent committed to serving the communities of the RGV and San Antonio Tx. He offers a unique insight into the residential property experience.

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